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The Palladio Concall usually takes place every 2nd Tuesday of month at 2:00pm.

Next ConCall: Dec 13th at 2:00 pm CET
Next Testing day: tbd

All members of the Pallado development team should attend regularly.

Agenda Suggestions

Please add things you want to discuss to the agenda below.

  • Stand-up: On which topic are you currently working?
  • JIRA issues status Dev Board
  • Robert Input Metamodel-Refactoring
    • Vision of Refactoring
    • Extensionmechanisms (overall and currently usable)
    • How to develop with Palladio in the current state.
  • Errors while switching to Java 17?
  • Details about testing day
  • Discuss co-location with SSP next year
    • Instead co-locate with research retreat (on the Monday, if, e.g., SSP is taking place far away)?
  • From last time:
    • Retrospective Pallado development team
      • discuss how to proceed with insights gained from assignments of team members to topics
    • Overview: Current state and future plans of UI testing in Palladio (Daniel, Freddy)


JIRA Board


We use GoToMeeting as meeting solution. In order to participate in the meeting, you have the following alternatives:

  1. With your Browser:
  2. With a telephone (audio only):
    • Call +49 693 8098 999
    • Access code: 116-780-989

Installation instructions: https://global.gotomeeting.com/install/116780989

Concall minutes