PCM Development/Palladio Concall/Minutes 20121008

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    • Matthias Becker, UPB
    • Michael Hauck, FZI (host, minutes)
    • Klaus Krogmann, FZI
    • Philipp Merkle, KIT
    • Anne Koziolek, UZH


  • Mailing Lists
    • Palladio User List (e.g. release notifications)
    • Introduce "Palladio News" mailing list? Currently, only the developer list exists. People which are only interested in high level news get spamed by build messages and technical details.
  • 3.4 Release
    • What should be included / excluded?
    • Open Steps, plan release
  • Status ProbeSpec
    • Status, release plan, current development ???
  • EDP2
    • Currently developed as a branch
    • Move to incubation // add on and set up a build ???
    • Standalone framework + Palladio integration as an add on?
  • Palladio Days
    • Who is interested in a museum tour? (Heinz Nixdorf Museum, the world's biggest computer history museum)
    • Who is interested in Palladio t-shirts?
  • Updated process for meta-model changes and migration of plugins (proposal by Steffen/Klaus)


  • Postpone coding session, use Doodle call to find new date
  • Eclipse 4.2 instable. Continue with it. No parallel development with 3.8 (too much work, 3.3 release is backup)
  • Todos for coding sessions
    • integrate PCM perspective in build and test
    • test plan integration in JIRA: include editor helpers in JIRA test plans (consolidate wiki pages)
    • test plans for example projects
    • test resource environment editor: Andreas: bugfixing, all: provide bug reports (reproducing bugs is first step)
  • ProbeSpec state: Discuss not now, not integrated in release. Development will be continued in a few months
  • EDP2:
    • cool but complex
    • Strategic question: Do we want this complexity?
    • Ask Henning about latest state
  • Palladio Days: Siemens Nixdorf Computer Museum: Guided tour would be great, UPB guys organize tour
  • Eclipse Marketplace: Micha has a look at how to integrate Palladio
  • Update PCM meta model process:
    • post MM changes on mailing list
    • set up review board that approves changes
    • Describe process on wiki, launch board at the Palladio Days
    • Matthias: Use Edapt? Anne used it, but had problems (JIRA bug)
      • Discuss on Palladio Days
    • Migrate / change plugins:
      • announce on palladio mailing list a couple of days before performing the change
  • Mailing list
    • Set up new user list. People requesting Palladio access can be included on the list
  • Incubation Build: Micha moves build to Eclipse 4.2