PCM Development/Palladio Concall/Minutes 20131209

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  • Sebastian Lehrig, UBP (host)
  • Klaus Krogmann, FZI
  • Michael Langhammer, KIT
  • Philipp Merkle, KIT
  • Jörg Henss, KIT


  • Palladio Kepler Release
  • Next coding afternoon


  • Palladio Kepler Release
    • Core build has been changed to Eclipse Kepler
      • Release planned for January 2014
      • TODO for all Palladio members: Test editors with Kepler and find bugs
      • Michael Hauck will push Kepler release (TODO: Michael Hauck)
        • New assistant will has to be assigned: Still open
    • Further builds (e.g., commons) still have to be migrated to Kepler
      • Benjamin Klatt will take care of migration (TODO: Benjamin Klatt)
  • Role Palladio Meta-Model and EMF code generation will be taken over by Michael Langhammer from Michael Hauck
  • Next coding afternoon: Friday, 10.01.2014
    • Test Palladio Kepler until 10.01.2014
    • Philipp will inform Palladio Developers via e-mail (TODO: Philipp)
      • Inform about how to file bug for Kepler release
  • Protocom 2 will be integrated for release (TODO: Sebastian, UPB)
    • UPB will inform via e-mail about integration status
  • Graphiti editors will be moved from GitHub to Palladio SVN/Incubation (TODO: Sebastian Lehrig)
  • Next developer telco: 17.02.2014 (moved!)