PCM Development/Palladio Concall/Minutes 20120611

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  • Participants:
    • Steffen Becker, UPB
    • Michael Hauck, FZI (host, minutes)
    • Jörg Henß, KIT
    • Benjamin Klatt, FZI
    • Philipp Merkle, KIT
  • Release planning
  • Eclipse Juno simulataneous release 3.8, 4.2
    • Release PCM 3.4 based on Eclipse 3.8
    • Prepare release or release candidate for 3.4 for Palladio days
    • Switch trunk to Juno-based eclipse in summer or late summer
  • Feature planning
    • Enhance architecture: Philipp looks into code (completions etc.) for architecture improvements
    • Omnet, Schedulers (Windows CE, RTEMS), maybe network schedulers
  • Professional support services
    • Discuss in future concall
  • Overall quality
    • how to incresaase test coverage?
    • Mock up functionality - ideally provide common code for generating unit tests (programmatically generating PCM Models, creating PCM workflow run configurations)
  • Nightly Javadoc build
    • Build is currently not running
    • Benjamin is currently working on Sissy javadoc, will look at PCM javadoc afterwards
  • For next release: overhaul PCM help
  • Status on migration scripts: anne knows
  • MinimumExample: hard-coded references: Michael fixes this
  • MediaStore: Minor bug when running with EventSim: Philipp will have a look at it