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This page bundles documentation on the Palladio Component Model. If you like to know more about Palladio at a high level, have a look into the Features of the PCM and Reasons for Using It.


Screencasts available for PCM-Bench training are listed on


Tutorial Slides

see also [1]

Lerngruppe slides

Introduction and Exercises

Use Case-based Walkthrough Example


Papers and Reports

Related Software

  • A complete list of all software in the Palladio context, including
    • PCM2LQN: Transformation from PCM to Layered Queueing Networks (LQN)
    • Java2PCM: Static Java code analysis, which extracts PCM RDSEFFs from Java methods
    • ArchiRec: Static Java code analysis, which extracts PCM Systems from Java code
    • Palladio.ByCounter: An approach for portable bytecode counting at runtime - without the need to instrument the virtual machine (VM)
    • PerOpteryx: Automatic improvement of PCM instances using evolutionary algorithms
    • Chilies: Providing completion library for automatic refinement of PCM instances based on a chain of higher-order transformations.

Scientific publications

Further publications in the Palladio context