PCM Development/Palladio Concall/Minutes 20130318

Aus SDQ-Wiki


  • Jens Frieben, Fraunhofer IPT
  • Michael Hauck, FZI (host, minutes)
  • Benjamin Klatt, FZI
  • Anne Koziolek, KIT
  • Sebastian Lehrig, UPB
  • Philipp Merkle, KIT


  • Model Migration (edapt)
  • WFE 2.0
  • Spring Release
  • SoMoX 2 PCM
    • Status
    • Coding Sessions am 26.03.
  • Status Palladio Extensions


  • Model Migration
    • UPB made bad experiences: EAdapt works for documenting metamodel changes, but not for automated migration
      • for exmaple Edapt had probjems with the support of multiple packages
    • SDQ students in practical lab should try out Edapt
  • WFE 2.0
    • Workflow Engine cleaned up
    • Documentation is in the wiki
    • 2.0 release for Palladio Spring release
  • Palladio Spring release
    • Additional changes by Jens Frieben (metamodel change: change resource container by extension point)
      • Do not include in 3.4.1 release, but in 3.5 release
      • Jens checks if additional schedulers can be included in Palladio
    • Plan coding session or fix release date on Somox coding session (March 26th)
  • Palladio Extensions
    • Student starts working on implementation these days
    • UPB SimuLizar Palladio extension (interfaces: where to monitor; currently solved using an annotation model) a candidate for using the Palladio extension mechanism once it is available