PCM Development/Palladio Concall/Minutes 20130211

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  • Sebastian Lehrig, UPB
  • Steffen Becker, UPB
  • Michael Hauck, FZI (host, minutes)
  • Benjamin Klatt, FZI
  • Klaus Krogmann, FZI
  • Jörg Henß, KIT



  • Switch to java 6
    • Story diagram editor might cause problems. Switch anyway and patch story diagram editor
  • Palladio Spring release
    • UPB only worked on incubation projects
    • Somox development might need mainenance release
    • Palladio-23 not for release 3.5
    • other JIRA issues mainly bug fixes and improvements, no new features
    • Some JIRA issues assigned to Andreas, ask him on the status
    • issues assigned to Klaus: Assign to Micha, then re-assignment
    • Klaus should not be default assignee for issues
      • Joint coding session including work on Somox migration. Benjamin asks for date on palladio-dev
  • Palladio for System/Architecture documentation
    • Resoure environment extension could be exemplary application of new Palladio extension mechanism
    • Replace XPand with Xtend, use common intermediate model for SimuCom and ProtoCom: related use cases what is status here?
    • Extra call with Sebastian Lehrig, Michael Langhammer, evtl. Jörg?
    • UPB guys will be in Karlsruhe next month anyway
    • UPB guys write email
  • Status Update SoMoX Migration
    • GAST2SEFF probably complete in 2 weeks
    • Afterwards: coding session to migrate SAMM to PCM
    • overall: migration hopefully complete in 4 to 6 weeks
  • GMF to Graphiti?
    • Ask Descartes guys about their experiences with Graphiti
  • ProbeSpec status?
    • Should work, has to be reviewed
    • Beta, ask Philipp for details