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We organize our development process in intervals of roughly one month. We decide about issues to be worked on and the person that shall work on the issue in the Concall.

The assignment takes place either by bidding for issues or by the last time an issue has been assigned to a developer.

The list of issues currently worked on is available in a JIRA board.

JIRA Board

JIRA board

Ticket processing during development sprints

  1. If your ticket is a bug: try to confirm the ticket by using the available information and request additional information from the reporter if necessary. If you can confirm the ticket, set the status to 'confirmed' or close it by setting the status to 'invalid' and the solution to 'not reproducible'.
  2. To start active working on a ticket, set the ticket state on 'in progress'. Check that the following fields in the ticket are filled out
    • affected version: <last release>, <nightly>
  3. If you have finished your work, issue a pull request for your ticket on Github and assign a reviewer to it (ref. Review Process). Set the ticket state on 'resolved', the solution to 'fixed'
    • link to the JIRA issue in the description of the pull request
    • ensure that the issue id (e.g. PALLADIO-500) is in the beginning of every commit belonging to the ticket
  4. As soon as the pull request has been approved and merged set
    • the ticket state to 'closed'
    • the fixed version to the next planned release
    • the affected version to the last release and nightly

Advisory Team (KIT/FZI/US)

Name Github user name
Anne AnneKoziolek
Steffen snowball77
Jörg joehen

Development Team (KIT/FZI)

Name Github user name
Frederik (almost inactive) reiche
Larissa larissaschmid
Manar (inactive) mazkatli
Martina rapp-fzi
Max max-sch
Nicolas Nicolas-Boltz
Snigdha singhsnigdha86
Yves (inactive) YvesKirschner
Daniel Zimmermann DanielZim
Sebastian Hahner sebinside
Sebastian Weber SebastianWeberFZI

Development Team (US)

Name Github user name
Steffen snowball77
Floriment klinakuf
Sarah stiesssh

Team member assignment to development topics

Topic Team members GitHub Topics
Metamodel Refactoring Robert, Sebastian Weber
Editor tbd
Build Nicolas, Larissa Build
Performance Simulation + Elastizität Martina, Steffen, Floriment, Sarah
Vertrauchlichkeitsanalysen Sebastian Hahner, Frederik, Nicolas confidentiality-analysis
Extraktion Yves, Snigdha, Sebastian Weber, (Martin Armbruster) extraktion
Qualitätsicherung Daniel

Changes to the Palladio metamodel is a topic for all, is triggered by needs related to the other development topics and should be discussed in the concalls.


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