PCM Development/Palladio Concall/Minutes 20140811

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  • Sebastian Lehrig (UPB)
  • Matthias Becker (UPB)
  • Anne Koziolek (KIT)
  • Michael Langhammer (KIT)

Developer day Wednesday before Palladio Days: interest?

  • mail to palladio mailing list
  • would be on 26th November

Release Date

  • Early December
    • after palladio days
    • last details after
  • Release Number: 4.0
    • Why not 3.6.0?
      • because it is a mayor release
      • containing new features and new API
      • meta model changed due to profiles support

Release Features

  • Eclipse Luna support
  • Refactored analysis framework
    • Removed Pipes&Filters Framework
    • Full support for EDP2 (both, recorder and visualization support)
    • Deprecated SensorFramework
    • New metamodel for specifying and using metrics in analyses; including new metrics for scalability and elasticity
    • Improved ExperimentAutomation
  • Added JavaEE support to ProtoCom
    • Added support for generating EJBs
    • Added support for generating Servlets; prototypes for the SAP HANA Cloud will run out-of-the-box
    • Added support for HTTP communication (used by Servlets)
    • Added support for a web-based user interface
  • Added support for Palladio Profiles
    • TODO: Quality of code has to be improved
  • Migrated StoEx Tools to Xtext (editor, parser, pretty printer/serialzer)
  • Minor bug fixes

Release Tasks & Responsibilities (See: https://sdqweb.ipd.kit.edu/wiki/PCM_Development/Palladio_Release_Process)

  • Testing
    • do we have a person that is responsible for the tests
    • maybe we can do it in a own coding night/palladio con call
      • when: palladio concall in november
  • Licenses
    • all features should should have the same licence for all packages
    • we should have EPL as default licence
  • Build Server
    • Paderborn
  • Tagging
    • should be done by Christian Stier (in cooperation with guys from paderborn)
  • PR
    • is usually done by Klaus
  • ...

Replications in PCM

  • how can we do it?
    • we already have a profile “replicable” to duplicate resource container
    • is currently under incubation/cloud in package profiles.replicable
    • it may contains bugs