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Overview on current and older revisions and snapshots of the Palladio Component Model. This page serves as an archive list for Palladio releases, update sites, and drops.

Release Documentation

Releases of Palladio-Bench:


Downloading PCM as an all-in-one "Drop" (all necessary plugins for PCM are included in these packages):

Old drops are Emblem-readonly small.png password-protected, but feel free to contact us if you are interested in it. Recent drops (>= PCM 4.0) can be downloaded freely. To install a drop, simply unzip it. Please don't use the built-in ZIP functionality of Windows OS - it is known to cause problems with Eclipse ZIP files. Instead, try 7zip or alternatives.

Update Sites


There is JavaDoc in every update site in the javadoc directory. We do not list all documentations here.

  • PCM JavaDoc (updated daily according to the PCM master)

Developer Drops

Currently, we do not offer developer drops.