PCM 4.2

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Pcm-logo-stilisiert-44px.png Palladio Component Model tool version 4.2. Palladio-Bench release (release date 27.11.2019).

Further installation instructions can be found at PCM Installation. For other revisions, see PCM Revisions

What's new / Release Notes


Graphical editors

  • MeasurementsUI provides editing support for monitor and measuring points repository
  • several usability improvements


  • Basic reliability simulation support for Simulizar

Maintenance and Developer Frameworks

  • updated Eclipse environment to 2019-09
  • support for recent Java versions (Java > 11)
  • included workaround for OCL validation during simulation start
  • further improvements and bugfixes: [1]

Limitations / Known Issues



Please note, starting with version 4.2 Palladio-Bench requires at least JDK 11 or higher in order to run.

Palladio Bench 4.2 Product Builds (Recommended)

Eclipse 2019-09 based All-In-One products to run Palladio and its core features out of the box are provided under Palladio Bench download site. Just download the appropriate Zip file for your system and extract and run it like you would run a normal Eclipse installation. In case you need additional Palladio Features you can use the preconfigured "Install new software..." dialog with the Palladio Bench Update site selected.

Please don't use the built-in ZIP functionality of Windows OS - it is known to cause problems with Eclipse ZIP files. Instead, try 7zip or alternatives.

Eclipse Marketplace

To install the Palladio tooling via Eclipse Marketplace, visit the Palladio 4.2 marketplace entry and drag the Install button to a running Eclipse 2019-09 Modeling Tools instance.

Release Update Site

You can easily install the Palladio Bench in an existing Eclipse 2019-09 Modelling edition. The Palladio tooling is available at a central eclipse update site containing all known Palladio Core and Addon features. Direct your "Install new software" dialog at the Palladio Simulator update site. Then select any combination of Palladio Core, Addon or Support features.


Palladio comes with a Palladio Project Wizard providing templates for models to start with. Use "New Project -> Palladio Project (Sirius)" enter a project name and pick one of the provided example template projects.