PCM 3.4.1

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Pcm-logo-stilisiert-44px.png Palladio Component Model tool version 3.4.1. PCM 3.4.1 is the latest Palladio-Bench release (release date 2013-09-30).

How to install this version is documented on this page: PCM Installation
See PCM Releases for the latest release.

What's new / Release Notes

  • New sensor that plots resource utilization over time
  • ProtoCom provides fine-grained sensors on the component level now
  • Upgraded to Palladio Commons 1.3 and Palladio Workflow Engine 2.0.2
  • Improved the auto-layout of the UsageModel editor
  • Fixed a bug where sensitivity analysis altered the wrong variables
  • Fixed a SimuCom bug regarding the simulation with the SimuCom exact schedulers
  • Various code cleanup and code refactorings
  • Release Notes: https://sdqbuild.ipd.kit.edu/jira/secure/ReleaseNote.jspa?version=10600&projectId=10000

Known Bugs

  • Calculation of failure mode probability in a RecoveryBlockBehaviour can be wrong (see [1])

Installation / Download

Release Update Site

Use Eclipse 4.2 SR2 (Juno) Modeling Edition as base Eclipse installation.

The Palladio tooling is available at the eclipse update site https://sdqweb.ipd.kit.edu/eclipse/palladio/pcm/releases/3.4.1/.


All-in-one "Drop"

Green-arrow-right.png PCM, Version 3.4.1, Win 64bit PCM, Version 3.4.1, Mac64

Palladio comes with a Palladio Project Wizard providing templates for models to start with.

For LQN support install LQN Solvers/Simulation(342 MB, 2012-05-08), for further data visualization and analysis in conjunction with the statistics tool R see R Statistics for PCM.

The drop is Emblem-readonly small.png password-protected, but feel free to contact us if you are interested in it. To install a drop, simply unzip it. Please don't use the built-in ZIP functionality of Windows OS - it is known to cause problems with Eclipse ZIP files. Instead, try 7zip or alternatives.

You need to have an installed Java SE Platform (JDK) 6 or higher in order to run Palladio-Bench.