PCM 3.5.0

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Pcm-logo-stilisiert-44px.png Palladio Component Model tool version 3.5.0. PCM 3.5.0 is the latest Palladio-Bench release (release date 2014-01-30).

Further installation instructions can be found at PCM Installation. For other revisions, see PCM Revisions

What's new / Release Notes

  • Migrated to Eclipse 3.5 Kepler
  • Improved PCM Build structure
  • When installed from Eclipse Marketplace two icons are missing in the run dialog
  • Fixed a bug where sensors for external calls in BranchActions were missing
  • Does NOT work with Eclipse Mars

Known Bugs

  • Calculation of failure mode probability in a RecoveryBlockBehaviour can be wrong (see [1])
  • Utilization of Multicore CPUs with Processor Sharing cannot be examined


Eclipse Marketplace (Recommended)

To install the Palladio tooling via Eclipse Marketplace, visit http://marketplace.eclipse.org/content/palladio-35-eclipse-43-kepler and drag the Install button to a running Eclipse 4.3 SR1 (Kepler) Standard Edition instance.

Release Update Site

Use Eclipse 4.3 SR1 (Kepler) Standard Edition as base Eclipse installation.

The Palladio tooling is available at the eclipse update site http://sdqweb.ipd.kit.edu/eclipse/palladio/releases/3.5.0/ .

All-in-one "Drop"

Green-arrow-right.png PCM, Version 3.5.0, Win 64bit Green-arrow-right.png PCM, Version 3.5.0, Mac OSX 64bit

The drop is Emblem-readonly small.png password-protected, but feel free to contact us if you are interested in it. To install a drop, simply unzip it. Please don't use the built-in ZIP functionality of Windows OS - it is known to cause problems with Eclipse ZIP files. Instead, try 7zip or alternatives.

You need Java SE Platform (JDK) 6 or higher in order to run Palladio-Bench.

For LQN support install LQN Solvers/Simulation(342 MB, 2012-05-08), for further data visualization and analysis in conjunction with the statistics tool R see R Statistics for PCM.


Palladio comes with a Palladio Project Wizard providing templates for models to start with.


If you get a compile error for the simulated code related to the source level (such as "Syntax error, parameterized types are only available if source level is 1.5 or greater", make sure to set the compiler compliance level to 1.5 in your Eclipse (Window -> Preferences -> Java -> Compiler).