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  • use \centering instead of \begin{center} ... \end{center} as the latter inserts additional vertical space
  • use \begin{align*} ... \end{align*} instead of \begin{eqnarray*} ... \end{eqnarray*} as the latter adds addtional horizontal space
  • use \'{e} instead of \'e or {\'e} as the latter breaks kerning (the process of adjusting the spacing between characters)
    • or use UTF-8 as input encoding and write é
  • use \usepackage{subcaption} instead of \usepackage{subfig} as the latter is incompatible to hyperref and caption
  • use \usepackage{siunitx} for the formatting of numbers
    • group large numbers automatically, e.g.: \num{12345678.90}12 345 678.90 or 12.345.678,90 (depending on language setting)
    • correctly format numbers with units, e.g. \qty{4}{\kg}4 kg instead of 4kg
    • use it in tables to align numbers at the decimal marker
    • see package documentation

Wissenschaftliches Schreiben

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