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Java2PCM is outdated and no longer maintained. Please use SoMoX instead.

Java2PCM is an Eclipse plugin developed as part of Thomas Kappler's Master Thesis to retrieve partial PCM RDSEFFs from arbitrary Java code using static code analysis. This tool may assist in rapidly creating PCM instances from legacy code. For questions, please contact Klaus Krogmann.

For Users

  • Installation
    • You need the PCM 3.1 version.
    • Download the Java2PCM plugin here, extract the JAR-File (de.uka.ipd.sdq.code2model_1.0.0.jar) from it and copy it into your Eclipse plugin directory.
  • Usage
    • Open a Java Project inside Eclipse
    • Right-click a Java class, package, or single method and select "Generate RDSEFF" from the context menu.
    • Left-click the project folder and press the F5 key.
    • Find the xxxx.repository file which has been created by Java2PCM in the root folder of that project. The .repository file contains the reverse engineered RDSEFF for the given source code (including components, interfaces, signatures, and SEFFs).

For Developers