Palladio Solvers and Simulation

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The information on this page is deprecated: A more complete list of PCM add-ons can be found on a separate page.

Palladio offers several performance solvers for models. The basic solvers included in a PCM installation are SimuCom and the PCM Solver, from which SimuCom is a pure simulation-based approch, while PCM Solver has different sub-solvers.

SimuCom supports all features of the PCM models, including effects of the middleware captured in completions.

PCM Solver currently has two main sub-solvers; not all constructs of PCM models are supported:

Other available performance solvers and simulators are

  • EventSim: simulation approach performing faster simulations in some areas than SimuCom
  • SimuLizar for analyzing self-adaptive systems, such as cloud computing systems, at design-time.
  • LINE, a scalable solver for queueing network models based on ordinary differential equations
  • ProtoCom: Not exactly a solver or simulation, but a prototype generator to measure performance effects of the target platform.

For reliability assessment, Palladio offers Reliability Prediction for Component-based Software Architectures.

There is an additional overview on solvers, analyses, and simulation approaches.

It is important not to mix up SimuCom and PCM Solver. In general PCM Solver offers faster access for results, while SimuCom has more precise results.

Solvers in the PCM Bench GUI

All Solvers are available through the Eclipse run dialog.
The Solvers are named PCM Solver and SimuBench in the GUI.
The PCM Solver has three sub-solver available from the "Solver" tab.
Example results of the PCM Solver. While results of SimuCom/SimuBench are available through the "SensorFramework" perspective, PCM Solver opens a new result window.