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The Chilies project consist of a set of Eclipse plugins to automatically include performance or reliability relevant low-level details to Palladio Component Model instances.




Chilies is named after a hot spice, because "Variety's the very spice of life, That gives it all its flavor" (Wiliam Cowper). Similarily we automatically include some spice to the models in a form of variable details like, for example, middleware configurations.


  • Problems of performance models:
    • "There are many weaknesses in current performance processes. They require heavy effort, which limits what can be attempted. …. There is a semantic gap between performance concerns and functional concerns, which prevents many developers from addressing performance at all. For the same reason many developers do not trust or understand performance models, even if such models are available. …. Performance modeling is effective but it is often costly; models are approximate, they leave out detail that may be important, and are difficult to validate."
  • Problems of performance prediction tools:
    • "… a conflict between automation and adaptability in that systems which are highly automated but are difficult to change, and vice versa."

[ Murray Woodside , Greg Franks , Dorina C. Petriu, The Future of Software Performance Engineering, 2007 Future of Software Engineering, p.171-187, May 23-25, 2007 ]


The tool takes a complete PCM instance as input and produces new PCM instance by refining the model based on a configuration of variable low level implementation detail (called completion). It uses configuration of completion as a transformation definition understood and automatically generated by higher-order transformation (called HOT). Such refined models are prepared for further analyses of the performance, reliability, maintainability and costs properties. Additionally to the Chilies tool we develop a library of configurable completions to provide a ease the development and increase the understanding of complex prediction models. Actually we focus on a concurrency related constructs. It shall help software architects to include complex extra-functional properties in their models.

The tool is currently being developed at the Chair for Software Design and Quality of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany. For details and questions about Chilies, please contact Lucia Kapova.

Team Structure

Lucia Kapova Ralf Reussner
Lucia Kapova Ralf Reussner

In cooperation with:

Thomas Goldschmidt Jens Happe Bara Zimmerova
Thomas Goldschmidt Jens Happe Bara Buhnova


Chili.jpg Chilies Tool Chain Group

Puzzle.jpg Completion Library Group


Theses: Chili.jpg2011: Configurable Software Performance Completions through Higher-Order Model Transformations(PDF)


Chili.jpg Chilies Tool Chain Group

Chilies Tabasco.jpgSDQ Library: Chilies Tools: Technical Report : Comming soon!

Chilies Cayenne.jpgX???'09: Goal-specific Reusable Templates for Architectural Refinement Transformations. (PDF)

Chilies Habanero.jpgSEAA EUROMICRO'09: Automated feature model-based generation of refinement transformations. (PDF)

Chilies Habanero.jpgQoSA'10: Statistical Inference of Software Performance Models for Parametric Performance Completions.(PDF)

Puzzle.jpg Completion Library Group        

Chilies Jalapeno.jpgQoSA'10: Evaluating Maintainability with Code Metrics for Model-to-Model Transformations. (PDF)

Chilies Habanero.jpgFESCA'10: Systematic refinement of performance models for concurrent component-based systems. (PDF)

Chilies Peberfrugt.jpgWOSP/SIPEW'10: State Dependence in Performance Evaluation of Component-Based Software Systems. (PDF)

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CIP, FeatureModel, FeatureConfig and CompletionFeatureModel plugins

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