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Software that has been developed in the Palladio context:

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  • Palladio-Bench: Software Architecture Simulator: Analyses Performance, Reliability, Costs, and Maintainability
  • Palladio Component Model: Palladio Developer Wiki
  • Beagle: Component Behaviour Reverse Engineering
  • Feature Diagram Editor: Graphical Editor for the Eclipse Feature Model
  • Ginpex: Goal-oriented INfrastructure Performance EXperiments: Detect performance-relevant infrastructure properties by automated experiments
  • ByCounter: An approach for portable bytecode counting at runtime - without the need to instrument the virtual machine (VM)
  • TimerMeter: An approach for platform-independent quantification of accuracy, granularity, precision, resolution and invocation cost of any timer methods. It works without inspecting the implementation of the timer methods or of the underlying counters and timers.
  • PCM2LQN: Transformation from PCM to Layered Queueing Networks (LQN)
  • UCM2PCM: Transformation that creates a simple PCM model from a UseCaseMap (UCM)
  • Java2PCM: Static Java code analysis, which extracts PCM RDSEFFs from Java methods
  • ArchiRec: Static Java code analysis, which extracts PCM Systems from Java code
  • PerOpteryx: Automatically improves Palladio Component Model instances
  • ProtoCom: Protoype Generation from PCM instances
  • SimuCom: Discrete-Event Simulation for PCM instances
  • EventSim: Interpretive Discrete-Event Simulation for PCM instances
  • Chilies: Automatic refinement of PCM instances based on performance completions
  • SoCa-Palladio: Embedded visual feedback on performance properties for component diagrams
  • SoMoX: SOftware MOdel eXtractor - Reverse Engineering of Component Architectures
  • Ride.NET Editor (obsolete)
  • Palladio Experiment Automation: Automated simulation and variation for PCM models
  • Power Consumption Analyzer: Power and energy consumption analyses for PCM models

Case Study Systems

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