Palladio Examples

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To illustrate different features of Palladio, a set of examples is provided. Examples bundle models which test or demonstrate a certain subset of Palladio features. Case studies complement these example and represent more complex objects of study.


On GitHub you will find all current example models, which demonstrate different Palladio functions or serve as test cases:

The examples are available for the latest development trunk as well as for specific releases:

Test vs. Example Convention

We use a convention to decide between test and example projects.

  • Tests are focused on one specific feature and used to test it's correct behaviour (suffixed by '_Test').
  • Examples are representative examples for introducing and learning Palladio functionality (suffixed by '_Example').

The main difference between those types is the quality how intuitive they should be. While tests are intended to be used by developers familar with palladio, examples should be prepared to be used by people which have never used the specific feature before.

Case Studies

In addition to the examples and tests for specific palladio features, there are some bigger case studies which are made publicly available. Please note that some of the case studies require older versions of Palladio.

Case Studies in the SVN: (username: anonymous, password: anonymous). Some recent examples have also been added to

  • CAS_TeamCRM: a PCM 1.0 customer relationship management system
  • DPSProject2010: a PCM 3.4 model of a Dynamic Positioning System for a Deepwater Oil Platform Gouvea 2011 Gouvea 2012
  • PCM3.3_BRS_Antipatterns: Business reporting system (for PCM 3.3, see also BRS Reliability)
  • PCM3.3_BRS_Optimisation_Heuristics: Business reporting system for resource/performance optimisation trials (see also BRS Optimisation)
  • PCM3.3_OpenReferenceCase: SLA@SOI open reference case study; a service-based distributed system based on CoCoME-PCM
  • PCM_DesktopSuche: a PCM 3.4 model for a desktop search system
  • cocomePcmModel: CoCoME-PCM 3.5 model; result of the common component model challenge

Further selected case studies:

  1. PCM 3.5 instance of CoCoME (details on CoCoME)
  2. PrimitiveTypes.repository Repository with some initial primitive types.
  3. Palladio.resourcetype Default resource types of the PCM analysis and simulation methods.
  4. QoSA example repository; for PCM Version 2.x
  5. Full QoSA MediaStore Example; for PCM Version 3.0
  6. SIPEW example; for PCM Version 3.0

Example / Template Wizard

The Palladio Project Wizard provides easy access to built-in examples and templates from the Palladio-Bench UI. The wizard can be found in the "New > New Project > Palladio Modelling > New Palladio Project" section of Eclipse. The project wizards also provides access to standard components (e.g. cache, loadbalancer, connection pool, etc.).

Project Overview


Mediastore Example

Description of this example for Palladio version 3.0: PCM MediaStore Example Workspace

Acquire Example

Minimum Event Example


Linking Resource Test

Subsystem Test