PCM 3.0/MediaStore Example Workspace

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System view of the MediaStore example

The MediaStore example is a model application built after the iTunes Store. Users can download a number of files from a web-accessible server application. The server application is split into a front web GUI component, the core business logic, a watermarking component, and a database access layer (see the following image).

Getting started with the MediaStore example workspace

The PCM 3.0 release drop comes with an example workspace including a model of the MediaStore. The ZIP file contains the PCM Bench application itself (folder eclipse-pcm3.0) and the ws-pcm-3 folder containing the workspace. Ideally, extract both folders to the same directory (please use 7zip for this). The example workspace is prepared for the folders being extracted to C:\code\.

  • Start the eclipse.exe placed in eclipse-pcm3.0
  • Select the ws-pcm-3 folder as your workspace.
  • When starting Eclipse, you find a project folder named QoSA2007_MediaStore_SimuCom in you eclipse. It contains the MediaStore example.
  • To start a first performance prediction run, select Run > Open Run Config... from the menu.
  • In the Run Dialog, you find an entry SimuBench > mediastore.
  • Make sure that all paths are set correctly. According to the image at the right hand side, the paths should point to the workspace location on your machine.
Run Dialog: Check the paths of the model files
  • Press Run to start a simulation run.
  • Now, switch to the SimuBench perspectice and browse simulation results in the Experiments View

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