Palladio Component Model/Replication

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Adding features to model replication more easily has been discussed and attempted several times. This page collects a list of attempts and options.

Architectural templates

Architectural Templates (Addon state: Incubation)

1:n mapping of AssemblyContext to AllocationContext

  • Suggestion to allow one AssemblyContext to refer to n AllocationContexts
  • Full explanation at PCM Changelog#1:n mapping of AssemblyContext to AllocationContext (Anne)
  • Supported by PerOpteryx, PCM2LQN and PCM2StoEx as of PCM 4.0 (and previous releases).
  • This has been rejected in a mailing list discussion on August 5th and 9th, 2011. Short summary:
    • Is already supported by completions (not anymore, though)
    • the 1:1 OCl check is useful to see whether the allocation is as intended (Anne: could remain a min 1 check)
    • effort to adjust all analyzers
    • assumption that local communication is preferred (see above link) is shaky
    • what about probes for the results?
    • a load balancer is a design and not an allocation question (Anne disagrees)


Replication could be, should be, or was modelled as a completion as proposed in Lucia's diss. Not clear what the status is, but probably with the discontinuation of QVT-R it is quite outdated.

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