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Please note that Bugzilla has been superseded by [[Palladio Jira|Jira]]  +
The RSA models are no longer used. Currently, changes to the metamodel are done directly to Ecore.  +
Many of the links are broken  +
Diese Seite bezieht sich zum Teil auf alte Strukturen. Die aktuellen Palladio Komponenten und Verantwortlichkeiten sind im Jira Issue Management zu finden:  +
''(Kein Grund angegeben)''  +
Please find up-to-date information at [[MDSDProfiles]]  +
The development descriptions refer to an invalid extension point for hooking into the AT templates.  +
Contact-Person and Tools might not be relevant more  +
The information on this site is not exactly outdated, but misses many current details.  +
Toter link, aktuelle Information müsste geborgen werden.  +
SVN shall be replaced by Github (at least for code). Parts of the website like what to add to version control are still useful and should be merged with another (not existing?) site about version control in general.  +
''(Kein Grund angegeben)''  +
Ist teilweise mitlerweile in Eclipse integriert  +