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This page describes how MDSDProfiles have been integrated into Palladio.

PCM Metamodel Changes

None (we used the non-invasive MDSD Profile integration).

Tree Editor Integration

We use "StereotypableElementDecoratorAdapterFactory" to decorate "PalladioItemProviderAdapterFactory" for several editors. Our adaptions are only one-liners

this.adapterFactory = new StereotypableElementDecoratorAdapterFactory(new PalladioItemProviderAdapterFactory(compAdapterFactory));

We applied this change to the following files within the "de.uka.ipd.sdq.pcm.editor" package:

  • AllocationEditor.java
  • QosannotationsEditor.java
  • RepositoryEditor.java
  • ResourceenvironmentEditor.java
  • ResourcetypeEditor.java
  • SubsystemEditor.java
  • SystemEditor.java
  • UsagemodelEditor.java

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