Properties and Granularities of Transactions in the Development of Cyber-Physical Systems

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Thomas Weber (E-Mail:, Telefon: +49-721-608-47375)


Many actors with different backgrounds and workflows are involved in the development of complex cyber-physical systems (CPS). In order to keep the information they produce about the CPS consistent, i.e., free of contradictory information, the Vitruvius approach proposes incremental and inductive consistency management. It introduces a Virtual Single Underlying Model (V-SUM) that contains both the information about the CPS and the consistency specifications. Whenever users of a V-SUM change information about the CPS, the consistency maintenance process triggers a transaction that must lead to a consistent state. The particular challenge with transactions on a V-SUM is that it combines and supports different engineering processes that may require different types of transactions.


The aim of this master thesis is to identify properties and granularities of transactions in VSUMs. Possible properties include the effects of changes, i.e., the results of consistency preservation, the role of the user making the change, and the development phase of the project. Furthermore, we want to develop a classification of transaction types and granularities as well as the definition of conflicts between operations within transactions.


  • Insight into a highly relevant field of research
  • Opportunity to develop innovative technologies
  • Close connection to current research project
  • Very good working environment and intensive support