Palladio Days/2011 Coding Sessesion Protocol

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Palladio and Business Processes

  • Research Topic: Business process of interest with an IT supported subprocess
  • predicting the it process and integrating these results in the overall process analysis
  • Model perspective: BPMN modelled processed
  • Performance and reliability are of interest. Also in the manual business process steps
  • Where does the usage model / profile for IT process is derived from? In general from the business process
  • Possible connection: University of dortmund: Requirements -> overall business process -> it process
    • The information (e.g., how many users are hitting the systems) are available in the requirements
    • Where does the information come from? => Domain Experts / customer ... who ever is specifying the requirements
    • Addition: self adaptive models / systems might improve the requirements
  • Current approach in Heidelberg: monitoring the system and deriving what the current workload might be
    • Of interest: How is the business process reliability is effected by the IT process reliability
    • Addition: deadlocks in multi-system scenarios
  • Important assumption: Long running IT process and / or IT system is not responding
    • Worst case (e.g., system is in overload) are of most interest
  • Business process might have a workaround path for non-responsing IT systems but performance might be influenced
    • reliability issue in the it process might be a performance issue in the business process
  • using palladio in a forward-engineering approach (build models from scratch)
    • how do you know if hardware is sufficient? also look at total cost of ownership (hardware is cheaper than development costs)
    • the better approaches can be automated, the more likely industry will use approaches

Eclipse Indigo

  • A stable 3.7 build is working
  • An issue with the stoex parser was already existing with 3.5
  • How to handle with eclipse releases in general and also in a long term perspective
    • Also in combination with other tools (QImpress, .....)
  • Rate during the organisation session how to deal with existing tools not part of an active research process -> problem funding
    • OCL constraints do not work in 3.5

General Community Notes

  • Reflect the responsibility voting process
    • Community has grown over the borders of karlsruhe -> so even the responsiblity should do
    • Awareness of issue severity
  • Regular virtual meetings / Concall PCM Development/Palladio Concall
  • Wiki separation: Keep in mind that there are not just internal and external but also external palladio vs. external everything