Ensuring the Semantics of Event-Based Analysis (de)composition through Constraint Specification

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Bahareh Taghavi (E-Mail: bahareh.taghavi@kit.edu, Telefon: +4917661623035)


Introducing a modular approach to model-based analysis offers enhanced adaptability compared to its monolithic counterpart. In the process of modularizing a monolithic model-based analysis, we operate under the assumption that the models utilized adhere to a modularized Domain-Specific Modeling Language (DSML). However, it is crucial to note that a modularized software performance analysis is not functional solely by being decomposed; we require semantic assurance for its effective operation. To achieve this, it becomes imperative to define specific constraints and validate them. Constraints, in this context, serve as essential rules or conditions that ensure the coherent and meaningful composition of modular elements within the analysis. Using an event-based architecture to seamlessly apply constraints ensures a flexible and dynamic foundation for a reliable modularized model-based analysis.


The aim of this thesis is to develop a conceptual extension of an existing event-based approach (Slingshot), which includes:

  • Overview of existing modularized model-based analyses.
  • Overview of existing constraint checking approaches.
  • Develop an approach to ensure the soundness of analysis composition by specifying constraints of event-based simulation.


  • Insight into a highly relevant field of research
  • Close connection to ongoing research projects
  • Very good working environment and intensive support