Designing a Model Transformation Language for Projective Views

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Lars König (E-Mail:


Model-driven development is an established method for developing complex software-intensive systems. However, for many tasks, the models describing the system are unnecessarily complex or the required information is scattered over multiple models. Instead of working directly on the models, it is therefore helpful to provide task-specific views, which select and combine information from the underlying models. The goal is to reduce the representation-induced complexity and enable developers to efficiently complete their tasks.


For the definition of the available views in a development environment, specialized model transformation languages — view definition languages — are used. To reduce the complexity of defining new view types, view definition languages should describe the created views independently of the underlying transformation. For model transformations in general, this can be achieved using declarative languages.

In this thesis, a textual view definition language should be developed, which includes:

  • Requirement description for declarative view definition languages
  • Concept and implementation of a new language
  • Evaluation of the language with a case study

The language implementation should make use of ANTLR, Xtext and EMF.


  • Work with innovative cutting-edge technologies
  • Close connection to ongoing research projects
  • Excellent working environment and intensive support (German or English)