Comparison of Model Query Paradigms for View Generation

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Typ Bachelorarbeit oder Masterarbeit
Aushang 2023-06 BA-MA Comparison of ModelQuery Paradigms for ViewGeneration.pdf
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Lars König (E-Mail:


Model-driven development is an established method for developing complex software-intensive systems. However, these systems often get too complex for a single developer to understand. Instead of showing the entire system, it is therefore necessary to abstract from the entirety of models and show only partial views of the system. These views are often intended for a specific task and show the necessary part of the system in a comprehensible way. The goal is to enable developers from different domains to develop a system in a way that reduces the accidental (tool-induced) complexity of their tasks. In projective view-based development, views are generated from underlying models using model transformations. For the purpose of view generation, model transformation languages using different query paradigms can be used. A query paradigm in this context could be an SQL-like approach, graph patterns or a rule-based system. Typical features of transformation languages would be the selection of a model element, the aggregation of information from different models or the combination of models from different meta-models. Interesting properties of transformation languages are, e.g., bidirectionality and support for incrementally updating the generated views.


  • Classify model transformation languages based on the used query paradigm
  • Discuss the properties of the found paradigms in the context of view generation
  • Prototypically implement a simple operator-based model query language


  • Work with innovative cutting-edge technologies
  • Close connection to ongoing research projects
  • Excellent working environment and intensive support (German or English)