Classification of composition operators for model-based analysis

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Bahareh Taghavi (E-Mail:, Telefon: +4917661623035), Robert Heinrich (E-Mail:, Telefon: +49-721-608-45963)

Analysis techniques are employed to reason about the structure, behavior, and quality of sys- tems using models. Modern complex systems require equally complex analysis techniques. To develop tailored analysis techniques effectively, it’s essential to decompose and com- pose various analyses, especially considering the diverse nature of quality properties and the intersection of multiple domains. Composition of analysis techniques provide a strategic approach to combining multiple analysis methods, each of which is specialized in addressing specific aspects of the systems’ behavior. Composing analysis techniques require the use of a composition operator, e.g. composition by result exchange operator, used when the results of one analysis technique are to be used as inputs for another analysis technique. Despite this, the available literature lacks sufficient clarity regarding the nature of application and selection criteria for these operators. The objective of this thesis is to enhance the utilization of these operators and uncover the necessity for novel operators by systematically gathering and classifying existing approaches across diverse domains of analysis composition.