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Different kinds of contribution require different kinds of validation. Selecting the right way to validate a contribution usually requires some thought. After a validation method has been selected, one should have a look for existing guidelines how to apply the validation method.

Selecting the right validation method


Guidelines for validation methods

The general collections below already mention guidelines for each validation method that we do not have to repeat below. But feel free to add additional references to additional guidelines for the different validation methods.

General collection of guidelines


  • Bedford, Denise. "Evaluating classification schema and classification decisions." Bulletin of the American Society for Information Science and Technology 39.2 (2013): 13-21.
  • Ralph, Paul. "Toward methodological guidelines for process theories and taxonomies in software engineering." IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering 45.7 (2018): 712-735.

Controlled Experiments

  • Lutz Prechelt's book (in German)

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