SPECjvm2008 Evaluation

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  • Find/document legacy code (scattered over FileShare, ByCounter, ByCounterEvaluation, BySuite.ByPred, Klaus' Sachen)
  • get Klaus' R "connector" for computing learned mathematical expressions by providing them with input (e.g. file size for FileShare)


  • re-create from emails?



  • document changes to source code
  • document instrumented methods: size, invariance, frequency, call graph
  • document input files


  • FFT
    • nice parametric dependency for internal actions
    • only few external dependencies (random vector + result check)

SPECjvm2008.XML ???

  • Validation
    • spec.benchmarks.xml.validation:
      • executeWorkload() / doValidationTests()
        • external dependencies
        • Loops
        • Parametric dependencies: files size

Learning of Dependencies

  • Klaus


  • Michael misst SPECjvm2008.compress bis zum 18.5. (möglichst automatisiert), Auswertungen:
    1. ns per byte, depending on file size
    2. normal vs. -Xint vs. -server


  • Variant 1: using Excel or Michael's Java-Code
    • Michael automatisiert das bis 18.5.
  • Variant 2: using RDSEFF from "PCM 4.0" (aka DA Micha Hauck)
    • Klaus muss StoExe/RDSEFFs automatisch

Evaluation of Result (Stats)

  • (optional) Michael: Excel (Visualierung, Ausreißßer)