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The Palladio Workflow Engine provides a workflow engine infrastructure integrated into the eclipse platform. It can be programmatically used to build up basic and composite jobs. Furthermore, there is an integration support into the Eclipse Launch Configuration environment to make workflows configurable with Eclipse's run/debug paradigm.

Initially, the workflow engine has been developed as part of the Palladio Tool. Meanwhile, it has grown up to a standalone project providing an infrastructure used by other tools, such as Ginpex, SISSy, and SoMoX.

Download / Installation

The Workflow Engine is available through an Eclipse update site.

Several old update sites are currently not available due to an error. See the mailing list for details: and find the remaining releases at

Please note that we have changed our update site structure!
If you are interested in always referencing to the latest release, you should consider the update 'current' update site. This is a symbolic link to the latest release site. Alternatively, you can use one of the nightly update sites for the nightly build of the trunk, and if you are interested in a specific release, choose your required one from a releases subdirectory.

The support for older Eclipse versions like Galileo (3.5) and Indigo (3.7) is not available anymore.


Getting Started

Technical Documentation


Development Resources

Source Code

The source code of the workflow engine is available on github:

Development Guidelines

Coding Style
Developing for the Palladio Workflow Engine requires to take the palladio coding conventions into account: Palladio Coding Conventions

API Documentation
We make use of the free ObjectAid Eclipse plugin to create synchronized class diagrams out of the Java Source Code:


If you are interested in more information about the Palladio Workflow Engine, please contact us:

  • Benjamin Klatt [1]
  • Michael Hauck [2]


Palladio Workflow Engine/Roadmap


Release Date: 2014-02-25
Update Site:
Jira Version: jira is currently offline


  • [WFE-60] - Workflow Job Extension Point Schema not shipped
  • [WFE-62] - WFE Extendable Jobs not working


  • [WFE-56] - More Detailed Exception when Parallel Child Job Fails
  • [WFE-58] - Code Quality
  • [WFE-59] - ParallelBlackboardInteractingJob enable ThreadPoolSize definition in Constructor
  • [WFE-61] - Latest Orbit Release

New Feature

[WFE-63] - Workflow Status Listener [WFE-64] - AbstractWorkbenchDelegate allow to set a progress monitor


Release Date: 2013-09-27
Update Site:
Jira Version:


   * [WFE-53] - Use latest Palladio Commons Release
   * [WFE-55] - Code Cleanups
   * [WFE-52] - Update to latest Eclipse Orbit


   * [WFE-54] - Release Version 2.0.2


Release Date: 2013-07-29
Update Site:
Jira Version:


  • [WFE-50] - Add MWE2SequentialJob(boolean cleanUpImmediately) constructor


  • [WFE-51] - Release Version 2.0.1


Release Date: 2013-06-29
Update Site:
Jira Version:





Release Date: 2012-09-19\\ Update Site:


  • [WFE-22] - Nullpointer Exception in ParallelCompositeJob


  • [WFE-15] - Remove Workflow Engine Composite Update Site
  • [WFE-21] - Remove FindBug Issues in workflow und workflow.launchconfig
  • [WFE-23] - Introduce AbstractJob
  • [WFE-24] - Introduce AbstractBlackboardInteractingJob
  • [WFE-25] - Introduce ParallelBlackboardInteractingCompositeJob


  • [WFE-17] - Remove Version from Buckminster Build Project
  • [WFE-26] - Update Feature Versions to 1.4