Palladio/Usability Wishlist

Aus SDQ-Wiki

This is informal list to capture usability related features in context of the palladio usibility improvement strategy. Please add reasonable features you would like to have to improve your work with palladio.


  • Refresh Experiments View when activates (user switches to view)

Notes from the Palladio Days

  • Versioning
    • migration of models
    • migration also for diagrams
  • Usage Models
    • References between usage model
  • Result presentation
    • Map Results back to architecture model -> Master Thesis Klaus?
    • Filter results
    • Excel based result presentation -> Jens / SLAB
    • Use progress bar/monitor when loading/refreshing results
  • Model Creation
    • PCM extraction
    • From ADF -> Fortiss ?
  • Tool Performance
    • windows performance -> simulation (threads oder ähnliches?)

Added after Palladio Days

  • Chris:
    • SensorFramework
      • Fingraind deletion of individual Everpriment Results or Experiment Runs without deleting the whole DataSource BZANALYSIS-135
      • Empty Sensors Filter PALLADIO-124 and improved detection of Empty Sensors PALLADIO-40
    • Integration of EDP2?
    • Copy&Paste functionality for SEFFs and components PALLADIO-19