PCM Development/Help in the tool

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This pages contains information on how to integrate help content in the PCM tool. Eclipse provides some possibilities to give context-sensitive help to the user. This page describes how this is used in the PCM tools as of February 2010 and can serve as documentation to add more help content.

PCM Core Services

The project code\Palladio.CoreServices\de.uka.ipd.sdq.pcmbench.help contains most PCM help content and is a good example. The help can be access from, for example, the StoEx (stochastic regular expressions) dialogue, for example when you edit an InternalAction's resoure demand.

Two main aspects are contained

  1. PCM documentation that is generated from the RSA models
  2. Information on the StoEx and its grammar

Optimisation Help

The code\Palladio.DesignSpaceExploration\de.uka.ipd.sdq.dsexplore plugins contains an example of how to define help for a launch configuration. Check out the doc folder in the plugin as well as the plugin.xml to see how the help content has been made available with extension points (first the help extension point for the content, then the Launch Configuration Tab Group extension point to show the help there).

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