PCM Bugfixing Responsibilities

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This page explains the bugfixing responsibilities of the PCM maintainers (as assigned in the code area descriptions). The PCM bugtracking is done using Jira.

Bug reporting

  • Can be done by everyone.
  • Try to describe the error as detailed as possible
  • Try to assign it to the right code area. When in doubt, check the code area descriptions.

Bug severity

As defined by Bugzilla:

  • Blocker: Zieht Kreise und behindert die weitere Arbeit in anderen Bereichen. Use this severity only if the bug is really blocking your own work which has a deadline soon, or a release. You can also use this severity if someone introduced an error that causes the PCM to not compile or not start at all.
  • Critical: Sehr starke, unangenehme Auswirkungen. Use this severity only if it makes the tool unusable in common use cases.
  • Major: Überdurchschnittliche Auswirkungen.
  • Normal: Ein Bug, um den man sich kümmern muss.
  • Minor: Ein Bug, der gegenüber anderen zurückstehen kann
  • Trivial: Keine Auswirkungen, oder im Handumdrehen abgehakt
  • Enhancement: Erweiterung der Komponente. If you report an enhancement, you may want to specify until when you need it and how important it is.

Bug acceptance

Handle your new bugs within 2 days by accepting it or reassigning it to the right responsible person (except you are on holiday or traveling, but then handle it within 2 days after coming back).

If you think the bug was wrongly assigned to you, check the code area descriptions to assign it to the right person.

Bug priority can be used by the bug owner to prioritize his or her bugs when accepting a bug. It's a good idea not to change this on other people's bugs.

Bug fixing

Every maintainer should at least spend one hour per week for bugfixing until his / her unresolved bugs list is empty. This hour can be postponed for a month at most. Please update the time spent fixing (by the way: Mylyn does this automatically for you). If you cannot fix a bug at once, you can still enter the spent time.

Remember to reassign simple bugs to Hiwis, DAler or new researchers as training task.

Apart from this rule, how quick bugs should be fixed ideally depend on their severity. For blockers and critical bugs, you should tell the bug reporter if you cannot fix it in time due to too many others bugs.

  • Blocker: Fix within a day after accepting or actively agree a later deadline with the bug reporters and stakeholders
  • Critical: Fix within a week after accepting
  • Major: Fix within two weeks
  • Normal: Fix within a month.
  • Minor: Schedule a deadline for yourself
  • Trivial: If the bug is fixed really quickly, try to fix it right away with your next bug fixes. If it has no real effects, but is a little more complicated to fix, you should think about changing it to minor, to wontfix, or to redisplay.
  • Enhancement: Schedule a deadline for yourself, possibly agreeing it with the stakeholders.

Release situation

... to be defined by Klaus and Steffen

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