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Palladio Addon (Liste)
Name PBlaman
State Experimental
Is Stand-alone Analysis? No
Extends Analyses SimuCom
Extends Metamodels

Short Summary

Performance blame analysis approach (separate tooling, scripts that read in csv results of SimuCom). Maybe also discontinued.


From CCPE paper: "In performance-driven software engineering, the performance of a system is evaluated through models before the system is assembled. After assembly, the performance is then validated using performance tests. When a component-based system fails certain performance requirements during the tests, it is important to find out whether individual components yield performance errors or whether the composition of components is faulty. This task is called performance blame analysis. Existing performance blame analysis approaches and also alternative error analysis approaches are restricted, because they either do not employ expected values, use expected values from regression testing, or use static developer-set limits. In contrast, this paper describes the new performance blame analysis approach PBlaman that builds upon our previous work and that employs the context-portable performance contracts of Palladio. PBlaman decides what components to blame by comparing the observed response time data series of each single component operation in a failed test case to the operation's expected response time data series derived from the contracts. System architects are then assisted by a visual presentation of the obtained analysis results. We exemplify the benefits of PBlaman in two case studies, each of which representing applications that follow a particular architectural style." from http://dx.doi.org/10.1002/cpe.3226

See material on http://homepages.uni-paderborn.de/bruesie/dissertation/index.html