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OMNeT++ is an open source modular network simulation tool. There exists an implementation of the PCM based on OMNeT++, called OMPCM.

OMNet++ Installation

  • Download OMNeT++ (Version 4.x)
  • Unpack the archive on your harddrive


  • Install a GCC
  • Start the mingwenv.cmd provided by OMNeT++
  • Type: "./configure"
  • When finished type: "make"
  • Startup the OMNeT++ IDE
For compiling dynamic libraries (DLLs) using MingW the LDFLAG -no-undefined has to be set (usually manually in the Makefile). 
Furthermore some linker options set by autoconf seem to have no impact and have to be set manually as well (e.g. -lantlr3c)

Mac OS X

  • Open a console and cd to directory where OMNeT++ was extracted
  • For Mac OS X 10.6:
    • Change the configure.user file
  • ./configure
  • make