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Short summary The Modularity conference series was formerly known as AOSD (Aspect Oriented Software Development) conference series and deals with all approaches that foster modularity in Software Engineering.
Range of Conference Date March-April
Frequency 12m
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Ranking A (CORE2013)

Conferences in this series

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Modularity 2014Lugano

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From the webpage: Modularity at the semantic as well as the syntactic level is a key enabler for the expression of high quality software systems, because one of the most important techniques for complexity reduction in any context is separation of concerns. Novel concepts and abstraction mechanisms including aspect-oriented techniques are a focus point for improvements in the support for modularity. The scope of this effort covers all perspectives on software systems in all their life-cycle phases, for instance application domain analysis, programming language constructs, formal proofs of system properties, program state visualization in debuggers, performance improvements in compiler algorithms, etc. As the premier international conference on modularity,