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This site is used to collect proposed metamodel changes for the upcoming PCM release 4.x

Change Change description Affected components (e.g. Simulation engines)
Move ResourceDemandingInternalBehaviour from SEFF to BasicComponent ResourceDemandingInternalBehaviour is a class that describes component internal ResourceDemandingBehaviour. ResourceDemandingInternalBehaviour is currently contained in a SEFF. However, a ResourceDemandingInternalBehaviour should be contained in a BasicComponent to allow the reuse inside a component. Since ResourceDemandingInternalBehaviour is not really used yet, the only affected component should be the behaviour reconstruction in the SoMoX JaMoPP branch. This, however, already uses a branch of the PCM that contains the change.
Parameter should be a subclass of NamedElement Every Parameter has a name. Currently, the class Parameter has its own parameterName Attribute to specify the name of a parameter. However, all classes that need a name attribute should inherit from NamedElement. All components that uses Parameters and identifies the parameter via their name has to be changed. Should be all simulators, and, in general, most of the code using Palladio. The code getParameterName() and setParameterName() needs to be changed to getEntityName() and setEntityName(). [Sebastian: why not make old methods deprecated for next version and completely remove them the version after?] ]
Support nested ResourceContainers including request forwarding. ResourceContainers should be able to forward requests to their container. This eases modeling virtual infrastructures and container technologies, e.g. virtual machines with 2 two CPU cores (ResourceContainer) that forwards requests to a physical machine (ResourceContainer) with 16 CPU cores. Configuration settings on this forwarding (arbitrary, fixed to certain cores) should be provided. SimuLizar, support in other analysis techniques may be provided.
Remove direct inheritance relation from System to Entity System currently inherits from Entity and ComposedProvidingRequiringEntity. The latter class is an Entity already, which means that the System is still an Entity even if we remove the inheritance relation from System to Entity. Hopefully nothing, since the change only corrects a minor flaw in the metamodel itself
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