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Datum 2021/02/10 12:00 – 2021/02/10 13:00
Ort Gebäude 50.34, Raum 333
Vortragende(r) Sophie Schulz
Forschungsgruppe ARE
Titel 'Think secure from the beginning': A Survey with Software Developers
Autoren Hala Assal, Sonia Chiasson
URL https://dl.acm.org/doi/10.1145/3290605.3300519
Abstract Vulnerabilities persist despite existing software security initiatives and best practices. This paper focuses on the human factors of software security, including human behaviour and motivation. We conducted an online survey to explore the interplay between developers and software security processes, e.g., we looked into how developers influence and are influenced by these processes. Our data included responses from 123 software developers currently employed in North America who work on various types of software applications. Whereas developers are often held responsible for security vulnerabilities, our analysis shows that the real issues frequently stem from a lack of organizational or process support to handle security throughout development tasks. Our participants are self-motivated towards software security, and the majority did not dismiss it but identified obstacles to achieving secure code. Our work highlights the need to look beyond the individual, and take a holistic approach to investigate organizational issues influencing software security.