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Datum 2020/01/29 11:30:00 – 2020/01/29 12:30:00
Ort Gebäude 50.34, Raum 333
Vortragende(r) Angelika Kaplan
Forschungsgruppe Architecture-based Quality Prediction
Titel A categorization scheme for software engineering conference papers and its application
Autoren Antonia Bertolinoa, Antonello Calabròa, Francesca Lonettia, Eda Marchettia, Breno Miranda
PDF http://isiarticles.com/bundles/Article/pre/pdf/137278.pdf
URL https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0164121217302844
BibTeX https://sdqweb.ipd.kit.edu/wiki/BibTeX-Eintrag/Bertolinoa18
Abstract Background: In Software Engineering (SE), conference publications have high importance both in effective communication and in academic careers. Researchers actively discuss how a paper should be organized to be accepted in mainstream conferences. Aiming: This work tackles the problem of generalizing and characterizing the type of papers accepted at SE conferences. Method: The paper offers a new perspective in the analysis of SE literature: a categorization scheme for SE papers is obtained by merging, extending and revising related proposals from a few existing studies. The categorization scheme is used to classify the papers accepted at three top-tier SE conferences during five years (2012–2016). Results: While a broader experience is certainly needed for validation and fine-tuning, preliminary outcomes can be observed relative to what problems and topics are addressed, what types of contributions are presented and how they are validated. Conclusions: The results provide insights to paper writers, paper reviewers and conference organizers in focusing their future efforts, without any intent to provide judgments or authoritative guidelines.