Integrate new plugins into Palladio Build

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This page describes how new plugins can be integrated into the Palladio Core Build.

  1. Check in the plugin into the SVN, it should go under Palladio/Core/trunk/.../pluginName if it is PCM-specific, or code/.../ if it has no dependencies to PCM itself.
  2. Add the plugin to a Palladio Core feature where it fits best. Make sure to re-calculate the dependencies of the feature in the respective tab. If a new feature has to be created, see Integrate new features into Palladio Build.
  3. Make sure that you update the .rmap of the Buckminster feature that is responsible for materializing the dependencies of the feature. You can find the Buckminster feature project for the Palladio core here. An explanation of the structure of .rmaps can be found here. A comprehensive documentation and good tutorials on Buckminster are available in the Bucky Book.
    • There should be an advisor node that matches your plugins' naming pattern. This advisor node needs to point to the the searchPath of your plugin.
    • The searchPath points to the repository (SVN) location where your plugins are stored.


We are working on raising the test coverage of our code. So it is quite important that newly added code comes with a good code coverage. So please provide test projects for your plugin projects. How those test projects should look like and how they are integrated in the palladio build are described in this article: Plugin Test Projects