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Git HowTos


If you are new to git, you might want to start with the simple git guide. For the following HowTos you should already know about the main concepts, especially the staging area (index), and the main workflow: clone, doSomething, add, commit, push.

git pull --rebase vs. --merge

We briefly explain the difference between rebasing and merging while pulling changes with git.

git branches

With git you should create and merge branches often and we explain how to do this.

git submodules

We have a short explanation of git submodules, which can be used to make a specific snapshot of a git repository part of another git repository.

git undoing

We have a brief overview on different ways for undoing changes with git.

Git and Palladio Projects

Palladio-related projects are hosted here:

Do not use SVN anymore for new projects. Sooner or later, even existing projects from SVN will be migrated GIT.

SVN to Git Migration

If you want to migrate the content of a subfolder of a repository (and not the whole repository) do not use the import functionality that is provided via the GitHub website. It will crawl the revision history of the complete repository. For a big repository (e.g., stud), this leads to a very heavy load over a long time.

Migration of SVN Folders to GIT

Detailed instructions for migrating from svn to git, especially if you only need to migrate some folders and their history from an SVN repository to GIT are provided on a separate page. Please inform a JIRA administrator that you moved the project to Github, so commits can be shown in the JIRA activity.

Migration of Complete SVN Repository to GIT

How a complete SVN repository can be migrated to GIT is explained on a separate page.

Easy way: Tooling: SVN migrate