Engineering Self-adaptive Systems WS 2023/24

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Engineering Self-adaptive Systems (2400186)

Semester: Wintersemester 2023/24
LP (ECTS): 3
SWS: 2
Studiengang: Master Informatics, Master Information Engineering
Dozent: Prof. Dr. Raffaela Mirandola
Ort und Zeit der Lehrveranstaltung
Mi 11:30–13:00
50.34, –119
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Learning objectives

  • Understand the motivation for self-adaptation
  • Get familiar with the basic principles and conceptual model of self-adaptation
  • Understand how to engineer self-adaptive software systems from a software engineering perspective
  • Understand the decision-making process using formal analysis at runtime for quality assurance
  • Understand the notion of uncertainty in self-adaptive systems and how to tame it with formal verification at runtime
  • Understand the level of adoption of self-adaptive system in industry


Presentation slides are available on the ILIAS page of the lecture.

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Bachelor / Master