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BySuite is a set of tools and PCM extensions which supports hardware environment independent specification of Palladio models. The tools were initially developed as part of Michael Kuperberg[1] dissertation and provide features for the following areas of work:

  • Performance prediction and evaluation in virtual machines, in particular in the JVM with consideration of JIT effects
  • Bytecode benchmarking and runtime bytecode metrics
  • Automated, heuristics-based method benchmarking, incl. full API benchmarking with consideration of parametric dependencies and polymorphism
  • Precise measurements at extremely fine-granular level, e.g. of sub-microsecond operations

Runtime counting of bytecode instructions and method invocations on a fine-granular level is supported by ByCounter.


Documentation of the approach and the tools is available in Michael Kuperberg's thesis [2].


A list of bugs is accessible in the BySuite JIRA Bugtracker.