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BibTeX-Eintrag für "Using Scenarios to Predict the Reliability of Concurrent Component-Based Software Systems"

title = 	"Using scenarios to predict the reliability of concurrent component-based software systems",
author =	"G. N. Rodrigues and D. S. Rosenblum and S. Uchitel",
booktitle =	"8th International Conference on Fundamental Approaches to Software Engineering (FASE 2005)"
publisher =	"Springer",
year =		"2005",
abstract =	"Scenarios are a popular means for capturing
		behavioural requirements of software systems early in
		the lifecycle. Scenarios show how components interact
		to provide system level functionality. If component
		reliability information is available, scenarios can be
		used to perform early system reliability assessment. In
		this paper we present a novel automated approach for
		predicting software system reliability. The approach
		involves extending a scenario specification to model
		(1) the probability of component failure, and (2)
		scenario transition probabilities derived from an
		operational profile of the system. From the extended
		scenario specification, probabilistic behaviour models
		are synthesized for each component and are then
		composed in parallel into a model for the system.
		Finally, a user-oriented reliability model described by
		Cheung is used to compute a reliability prediction from
		the system behaviour model. The contribution of this
		paper is a reliability prediction technique that takes
		into account the component structure exhibited in the
		scenarios and the concurrent nature of component-based
		systems. We also show how implied scenarios induced by
		the component structure and system behaviour described
		in the scenarios can be used to evolve the reliability
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