Architecture Maintenance and Knowledge Aggregation for the Vitruvius Framework

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Aushang 2023-04 Research-Assistant Vitruv-Architecture-Maintenance.pdf
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Lars König (E-Mail:


Vitruvius is a framework for view-based software development. It assumes different models to be used for describing a software system, which are automatically kept consistent by the framework executing (semi-)automated rules that preserve consistency. These models are modified only via views, which are projections from the underlying models.

Possible Tasks

  • Refactoring of the multi-repository architecture
  • Modernization of the source code towards Java 17
  • Analysis of the external dependencies
  • Refinement of the project documentation
  • Preparation of on-boarding material for developers


  • Good programming skills in Java
  • Interest in model-driven software development
  • Knowledge of Maven-like build systems


  • Work with innovative cutting-edge technologies
  • Close connection to ongoing research projects
  • Excellent working environment and intensive support (German or English)
  • Possibility to continue the work in a practical course or bachelor’s/master’s thesis