Implementation and Evaluation of CHQL Operators in Relational Database Systems to Query Large Temporal Text Corpora

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Vortragende(r) Albu Dumitru-Cristian
Vortragstyp Bachelorarbeit
Betreuer(in) Jens Willkomm
Termin Fr 30. August 2019
Kurzfassung Relational database management systems have an important place in the informational revolution. Their release on the market facilitates the storing and analysis of data. In the last years, with the release of large temporal text corpora, it was proven that domain experts in conceptual history could also benefit from the performance of relational databases. Since the relational algebra behind them lacks special functionality for this case, the Conceptual History Query Language (CHQL) was developed. The first result of this thesis is an original implementation of the CHQL operators in a relational database, which is written in both SQL and its procedural extension. Secondly, we improved substantially the performance with the trigram indexes. Lastly, the query plan analysis reveals the problem behind the query optimizers choice of inefficient plans, that is the inability of predicting correctly the results from a stored function.